Milne Bay Ecotourism Village Trips

Guided ecotourism trips leaving from Alotau throughout Milne Bay province
The village trips can take you to from Alotau Suau and Savaia, and multiple islands and villages inbetween, with members of the family (our wantoks). We can also organise with our friends to take you to Nuakata, Goodenough, and many of the other islands in Milne Bay Province. Most of the photos on this website are from Peter Chisholm's trip in January 2010, which involved Samarai, Nuakata, Suau and Savaia, all of which can be seen in the map here

Prices for the trips when Julius or another member of the family guides you start at PGK 50 per day, however this is subject to change depending on how far you go (fuel in Alotau and Milne Bay is very expensive!) Quotes are available on request once we discuss which of the many sights you would like to see and experiences you would like to have - from snorkelling to spear fishing, from waterfall diving to days (or hours if you prefer!) of hiking and much more....

To see a map of some of the places you can go to, including the attractions around Alotau, click here.


Blue water

Alotau Top Town

Savaia New Years Eve  - alight palm fronds

Remote waterfall, one of many accessible surrounding Bibiko

Sunny on the dinghys! Bring sunscreen!

Welcome to Goodenough Island

Suau Island

Amazing, unending jungle


Kids at East Cape


Kids on Savaia

Children at Savaia

Spear fishing in the river

End of the hike over the mountain

More hiking


Drinking coconuts